High School Music Clubs

hs music-clubs

Enjoy great concerts at low cost with your high school friends by organizing a music club in collaboration with Utah Symphony | Utah Opera.


1. Gather interested students at your school and explore the concerts and opera you can attend as a High School MusicClub that are listed on the HIGH SCHOOL CLUB TICKET ORDER FORM.
2. Decide on a package:

  • Symphony or Music Clubs: Select 4 symphony concerts and 1 opera final dress rehearsal from the provided list. Cost per student is $25 (basic package).
  • Opera Clubs: Receive tickets to all 4 final dress rehearsals. Cost per student is $20(basic package).

3. Register your club with Andrew Wilson in Ticket Office 801-869-9046 and order your tickets.
4. Enjoy! Consider scheduling a tour of one of our buildings or inviting a musician or staff member to speak to your group.


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