Music! Words! Opera!

Teachers trained in Utah Opera’s Music! Words! Opera! workshops become project managers for year-long cross-curricular projects with their students.  Students select or write a story; create a libretto; compose melodies with the assistance of a composer; design sets, make-up and costumes; and rehearse and perform their creation. Utah Opera provided composers to assist with the music, as well as a stipend to assist in production costs of student operas. An extra benefit of creating and producing a class opera is the opportunity for students to improve in life skills: they have many opportunities to practice collaboration, listening, critical thinking and evaluating as well as creating.

Mama Paquita

Teachers are part of Utah Opera’s weeklong, intensive summer training program. This training is blended with a student summer opera camp, during which an original opera (story, text, music, costumes, set, rehearsals, and performance) was created and performed.  With Utah Opera support, including the hiring of a local composer as a music mentor and accompaniment creator, teachers continue professional development as they manage projects in the following school year. These teachers become part of our corps of teachers creating operas with their students during the school year.

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